KMS 7th Graders Raise Money for Water for South Sudan

Posted on April 12, 2022

After reading “A Long Walk to Water,” 7th graders in Mrs. Hull’s class were compelled to raise money to support Water for South Sudan, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building wells.

Access to clean drinking water is a rarity in South Sudan. Salva Dut, the main character in the novel, started Water for South Sudan after he survived years of tribal warfare.

These conflicts can be solved if the Sudanese people have greater access to water, and children can spend their days in school instead of hauling water for 8+ hours a day.

This committee of students planned and ran a concession stand at the recent dance.

Proceeds from concession sales, money collected from students who paid $1 to use their phones at lunch one day along with a donation from Hempy Water totaled $1,100.
Special thanks to Hempy Water for their generosity and also donating bottled water for concessions.

Committee members in the picture from top to bottom and left to right are: Adrian Teeters, Tyler Shirk, Alana James, Izabelle Werner, Mia Burris, Sidney Payne, Parker Gierhart, Mrs. Hull, Karyn Hopkins, Chris Villa Rodriguez, Amiel Huff & Kavin Risner.

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