University of Findlay’s Prime the Pump Week Benefits Incoming Freshman Class

Written on June 17, 2021

University of Findlay’s third annual Prime the Pump college prep week is Aug. 1-6, 2021. Prime the Pump prep week helps incoming freshman prepare for an outstanding start to their college career in the fall.

“Prime the Pump was designed by professors that teach incoming math and science courses to help bridge the gap from high school to college,” said Sandra Earle, Pharm.D., associate professor of teaching in pharmaceutical sciences and associate dean for assessment. Prime the Pump helps students succeed in these areas in college by helping them develop good study habits and to get a head start on math and science topics. “We don’t want students to come to UF and have to fail to learn how to study,” added Earle. What makes Prime the Pump unique is that it is taught by the professors who will be teaching these students their math and science courses in the fall.

During Prime the Pump Prep Week students will:

Participate in six hours of daily instruction in the areas of biology and chemistry
Get to know the biology and chemistry faculty they will be taking classes from during your time at UF
Participate in fun activities, study skills sessions, and team-building opportunities
Get to know other new students at UF in the sciences
Move in early and get to know the campus
Prepare for the official start of classes on August 16
Students who participate in Prime the Pump will be able to move right into their own dorm rooms on Sunday, Aug. 1, allowing them the opportunity to get to know their way around campus, get settled in their rooms, make friends, meet fellow classmates, and more.

Students who participated in past Prime the Pump events were asked to complete surveys about their experience. According to Earle, “in the two years that we’ve done this, 100% of the students who return the survey, recommend Prime the Pump Prep Week and would do it again if they could. This is partially because of academics, but the social part is a pretty big piece of this as well.”

The deadline for registration is July 1, 2021. The prep week ends on Friday, Aug. 6 around 4p.m. There will be no programming or on campus food options for camp participants after that time. Students may stay or go back home until orientation programming begins.

For more information on the Prime the Pump Prep Week or to register please visit the Prime the Pump webpage:

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